Meaning of kóntra



(Sp. contra) Against, in opposition to; to oppose, resist, go against, counteract, run counter to, clash with, cross, conflict with, beat-, run-, militate-, against, withstand, antagonize; opposition, objection; opponent, enemy. Ang kaálwan kóntra sa kaímot. Liberality is opposed to niggardliness. Indì ka magkóntra (mangóntra) sa mga sógò sang ímo ginikánan. Do not go against the orders of your parents. Ang mga nagakóntra (magapangóntra) sa pagbulút-an magabatás sang sílot. Those that go against the law will be punished. Nagakontrahánay silá. They are opposed to each other. They are quarrelling or fighting. Madámù ang íya mga kóntra. He has many enemies. (see bátok, bátò, kasúmpung, kaáway).