Meaning of lábut



Connection with, concern, interest, implication, business, relation, having to do with; to be implicated, have a connection with, have to do with, etc. Anó ang lábut mo sinâ? What have you got to do with that? What business is that of yours? Walâ áko sing lábut sinâ. I have nothing to do with that. That does not concern me in the least. Nalábtan (nalabútan) akó sang íla nga kasábà. I was involved in their lawsuit. Palábta siá sang panublíon nínyo. Let him have a share in your inheritance. Ipalábut mo sa íya ang isá ka báhin sang malápad nga dútà. Let him have a part of the extensive grounds. Lábut pa--. Over and above--. Besides--. Apart from--. In addition to--. Waláy lábut nga--. Notwithstanding that--. However--. Though--. (see pahilabút, pasilabút, kalabtánan, úmid, daláhig).