Meaning of lás-ay



Insipidity, mawkishness, tastelessness; to be, make or become insipid, mawkish, unappetizing, tasteless, abominable, disgusting. Walâ gid sing lás-ay iníng pagkáon. This food has nothing of insipidity about it. This food tastes fine or nice. Naglás-ay iníng bíno, kay nasimbúgan sing hinébra. This wine has lost its flavour, for it has been mixed with gin. Nalas-ayán akó sa íya. He is abominable to me. I am disgusted with him. Las-ayá lang ang íla pagkáon, kay támà kadalók sa íla. Make their food tasteless, because they are too greedy. Linas-ayán (pinalas-ayán) akó níla dídto sing pagkáon. They gave me there tasteless or insipid food. Urúton (Saídon) mo iní sang káon karón, kay sa buás magalás-ay. Eat this up now, for to-morrow it will be stale, vapid, mawkish, unappetizing, flat. (see báng-aw, pán-os, lán-o, maláin, etc.).