Meaning of laút, la-út

laút, la-út


(H) Nausea, aversion, loathing; to be nauseated, loathe, sicken, be disgusted, feel like vomiting. Nagalaút ang ákon ginháwa. I feel like vomiting. Nagalaút ang ákon ginháwa sinâ, ginalaután sang ákon ginháwa inâ. That makes me feel sick,-smells to me bad,-sickens me,-disgusts me. (see lóod).

láut, lá-ut


(H) Badness, wretchedness, viciousness, malice, wickedness; to be, become or make wicked, bad, malicious, depraved, miserable, wretched, to deteriorate, degenerate, worsen, change for the worse. Nagláut ang íya batásan sa Manílà. He contracted bad habits in Manila. Ginláut sang maláin nga kaupdánan ang kagawián ni Fuláno. Bad company perverted N.N.'s character. (see láin, kalalát-an).