Meaning of libák



Detraction, disparagement, depreciation, vilification, obloquy, defamation, aspersion, traducement, backbiting, speaking ill of, running down; to detract, derogate, disparage, decry, depreciate, run down, vilify, vilipend, malign, belittle, asperse, pull to pieces, cast aspersions on, blacken, backbite, traduce, defame, speak ill of, talk about the faults of others with injury to their reputation. Indì ka maglibák. Do not detract. Indì mo siá paglibakón. Do not talk about his faults. Ginlibák níya akó. He injured my reputation. Indì mo pagilibák sa íya ináng diótay níya nga mga kakulángan. Don't bring up against him those little short-comings of his. Dî maísip nga mga kalaínan ang saráng mahátag sa isá ka bánwa sang amó nga mga paglibák kag pagbutángbútang. Untold are the evils that may be brought upon a town by such defamations and calumnies. (see híkay, múlay).