Meaning of líton



To migrate, move, go to live in another place, transfer one's abode, go to reside somewhere else (mostly with the intention of coming back to one's former place of residence after some time). Naglíton na silá sa umá. They have gone to live at the farm. Ginlíton níla ang íla pagpuyô sa Manílà. They went to live in Manila. Sán-o kamó magalíton sa umá? When will you transfer your residence to the farm? Ginlíton níya ang íya panimaláy sa Mindanáw. He went with his family to live in Mindanao. He emigrated with his family to Mindanao. Litóni ang umá. Líton ka sa umá. Go to live at the farm. (see kádto, amoyóng, puyô, lúntad, sáylo).