Meaning of lúyag



Liking, desire, relish, enjoyment, wish; to like, relish, desire, care for, delight in, derive pleasure from, take to, take a fancy to, fancy, hanker after, covet. Anó ang lúyag mo? What do you like (want, wish)? Ang ákon lúyag amó--. What I like is--. Malúyag ikáw sinâ? Do you like it? Ang mga páhò amó gid ang ginaluyágan níya sa pagkáon. Mangoes are just the thing he likes to eat very much. (see buút, wíli, lípay, hándum).



To be fond of, attached to, have a passion for, take a fancy to, look sweet upon, fall in love with. Nagakaluyág siá sa kay Fulána. Ginakaluyagán níya si Fulána. He is passionately fond of N.N. He has fallen in love with N.N. (see gúgma-love, affection).