Meaning of may



There is or exists; to have. May ulán. There is rain. It rains. May lángit kag inpiérno. There is a heaven and a hell. Heaven and hell exist. May kwárta siá. He has money. May baláy siá nga kaugalíngon. He has a house of his own. May ginabátyag siá. He has a feeling of sickness. He feels sick. May duhá siá ka útud. He has two brothers. Malúyag akó nga may áwto akó. I should like to have (own, possess) an automobile. Sa may káhoy--. There where the tree stands--. Sa may pílak mahulás iní. This is easy for one who has money. Sa may upúd siá ukón sa walâ--. Whether he has a companion or no--. At all events, whether with, or without, a companion--. Sa may ulán kag sa may ínit--. In rain or (and) shine--. Kon may pílak lang akó--. If I only had (the) money--. Sang may mánggad pa akó--. When I was still wealthy (rich)--. Sa may lúyag ikáw ukón (kag) sa walâ--. Whether you like or not (nolens volens)--. (see walá-no, none, there is not, does not exist).