Meaning of panáug



To come-, get-, go-, down, descend, go downstairs, go down a ladder, leave the house, descend from a tree, dismount from-, get off-, a horse, etc.; to bring down, take or fetch down. Manáug ka. Come down. Go down. Leave the house. Papanaúga ang síya. Bring down the chair. Papanaúga siá. Make him come (get) down. Panaúgi siá. Go down to him. Papanaúgi siá sing síya. Bring (fetch) down a chair for him. Nanáug (Nagpanáug) na ang mga dumulúaw. The visitors have gone down, i.e. have left the house. The visitors have gone, have left. Nanáug siá sa salákyan. He left (got out of) the vehicle. (see náug).



Freq. of daúg-to win, conquer, overcome, etc.