Meaning of parî



To fool, flatter, say something out of mere politeness, bestow adulation upon, make promises as a mere matter of formality, cheat, take in, deceive. Ginparî lang níya akó. He made a fool of me. He deceived, cheated, fooled me. (see odót, unís, utís, hásò).



Priest, Father, Reverend; Parish Priest, Rector; to become a priest. Si Párì Albérto. The Rev. (Reverend) Father Albert. The Rev. Albert. Fr. Albert. Sógò inâ sang Párì. Such is (was) the order of the Parish Priest. Those are (were) the Father's orders. Nagpárì na si Fuláno. N.N. has become a priest. (see Sp. pádre).