Meaning of pínsar, pinsár

pínsar, pinsár


(Sp. pensar) Thinking, thought, reflection, cogitation, consideration, pondering; to think, ponder, reflect, consider, cogitate, turn (a matter) over in the mind, apply the mind to. Táo nga walâ sing pinsár. A man without thought or reflection. Pinsahón (Pinsarón) mo inâ sing maáyo. Think it out well. Think well on it. Walâ gid akó makapinsár nga mahanabô inâ. It never entered my thoughts-, it never struck me-, I could not possibly think-, that such a thing would or could happen (come to pass). (see dúmdum, hunâhúnà, painóíno, libólíbo, basóbáso). (pínsa id.).