Meaning of rimáti



(Sp. remate) Termination, end, completion, conclusion, finish, stopping; the last peal of bells in bell-ringing; to end, conclude, stop, finish; to ring off. Amó iní ang íya siní nga rimáti. This is the end of it. Rimáti na iní sang bágting. This is the last (concluding) peal of bells. The bells are stopping. Rimatíha ang mga linggánay. Stop the ringing of the bells. Ring off. Narimáti na ang linggánay? Have the bells stopped ringing? Kon índì mo paggawáron ang síngsing nga naprénda mo sa ákon, pagarimatíhon ko. Unless you redeem the ring you gave me as security, I shall consider it as my own. N.B. The usual terms for bell-ringing are: bágting-bell-ringing in general; the first peal of bells; rimáti, púlut, púrut-the last or concluding peal of bells; tágsa (H), lágdà (B)-the intermittent ringing or striking of a single bell between the bágting and the rimáti. (see katapúsan, tápus, ripíke).