Meaning of samál



Having a firm hold or grasp, resting secure; to grasp or hold on firmly to; touch, come in contact with (accidentally); to meet, encounter, chance or happen upon, come to pass as a coincidence. Sámla (Samalá) ang pagúyat mo sang báso, kay kon dílì makapalús. Hold the glass firmly, for otherwise it may slip off. Samál pa ang pagtángday sang págbo sa baláyan. The rafter is still resting securely on the girder. Samál gid ang íya pagúyat sang píspis. Ginpasamál gid níya ang íya kamót sa píspis. He got a firm hold of the bird with his hand. Nasamál níya ang píspis. He (accidentally) touched the bird with his hand. Sang ámon pagkádto dídto nasamál námon ang íla tábad. When we went there it just came to pass that they were having a feast (banquet). (see kibít-to be supported insecurely, etc.; sám-ang, kapút).