Meaning of sányog



Determination, resolution, intention, firm resolve, fixity, fixedness, stability; determined, fixed, appointed, stable, steady, progressive, thriving; to intend, purpose, resolve, make up one's mind, be determined, fixed, stable. Sán-o ang sányog mo nga mapailóngílong? When do you intend to go to Iloilo? What day have you fixed (appointed) for going to Iloilo? Sanyogá na lang ang ímo hunâhúnà sa pagtoón, índì ka na magdúmdum sa pagpangúma. Make up your mind to study and do not think of farming any more. Nagasányog na ang íla palatikángan. Their business is thriving. (see dáyon, túyò, pát-od, líg-on, pág-on).