Meaning of sorótsot



(B) Swift, quick, voluble, rapid, glib, very fluent (of speech); near together, dense, close (of trees, plants, etc.); to talk volubly, etc.; to be close together, etc. Indì akó makasáyod kang (sang) ginhámbal mo, hay (kay) masorótsot (masákò, magarót). I cannot understand what you are saying, for you speak so quickly, too swiftly. Indì kaw (ikáw) maghámbal kanákon ti masorótsot (sa ákon sing masáko, sing magarót). Don't talk to me so volubly, so swiftly. Indì mo pagsorotsotón (pagsakóon, paggarotón) ang ímo hámbal. Don't speak too quickly. (see garót, íkit).