Meaning of taánay



For hínta (ta), ánay. Wait a little. Wait a bit. Hold on. Have a little patience. Stop a moment. Taánay, mabakál pa akó sing abáno kag mapaúlì kitá. Wait a little, I am going to buy some cigars and then we shall go home. Taánay, índì ka maghámbal sing súbung, kay butíg. Hold on, don't talk like that, for it is not true. Taánay, idógidóg, kay malántaw man ang mánghud mo. Stand back a little, for your younger brother also likes to look out (through the window, etc.). Taánay, patan-awá akó sang mga binakál mo. Now then, let me see what you have bought. (see hulá, tánay).