Meaning of táduk



(B) To take a short cut, make a bee-line, walk from one place to another in a straight line, take a straight course over fields, hills, etc. without following the windings of roads or footpaths. Gintáduk na gid ang pagágto rúgto. (Ginláktud níya ang pagkádto dídto). He went there by a short cut. Tadúkon ta lang ang pagpánaw rúgto. (Lakturón ta lang ang paglakát dídto). Just let us walk there in a straight line (keeping or following a straight course). Táduk tána ti panghámbal. (Pát-ud siá sing panghámbal). He speaks to the point. He is straightforward, forthright. (see láktud, latás, tádlong, pát-ud).