Meaning of tagál, tágal

tagál, tágal


To impel, drive, push forward, instigate, induce, put forward; to make use of the services of another for obtaining a favour, etc. from a third person; to guide, direct, point out, show. Sonô sang maáyo ukón maláin nga paghimánwa ang isá ka púngsud ginatagál (matagál) sa kaayohán ukón sa kalaínan. According to a good or bad management of public affairs a nation is led (driven, directed) towards prosperity or misery. Si Fuláno gid ang dáyon níla ginatagál sa pagpanáysay sa ákon sang íla mga kinahánglan. They always make use of N.N.'s services to let me know what they want. Itagál si Fuláno. Instigate, induce, put forward N.N. Make use of (Use) N.N. for your purpose. Kon sókton gánì siá sang íya útang sa gihápon ginatagál níya ang íya kabáyo. Whenever payment of his debt is demanded of him he always points to his horse, i.e. as much as to say: "Will you take my horse in payment of my debt"? or "Please wait until I shall have been able to sell that horse of mine". (see dáldal, tulúd, tányag, tóytoy, túltul).