Meaning of támpad



Front, frontage, confrontation; to face, confront, stand in front of, make a stand against, be opposite to. Sa támpad sang--. Before, over against, in front of, opposite to, facing, face to face with. Ang ámon baláy-árà sa támpad sang munisípyo,-támpad sa munisípyo. Our house stands opposite (over against, facing) the Municipal Building. Tampará (-adá) akó. Stand in front of me (facing me). Nagtámpad siá sing maísug sa amó nga katalágman. He faced that danger bravely. Gintámpad níya ang íya kaáway. He faced his enemy. He openly withstood his enemy. Walâ siá mangahás magtámpad sa kay Fuláno. He did not dare to confront N.N. (see atúbang).