Meaning of tátap



Management, administration, care, attention, solicitude; to look after, attend to (on, upon), see to, manage, administer, take care of, treat with attention or care, be solicitous for (about, concerning). Tatápa sing maáyo ang mga dumulúaw. Be very attentive to the guests. Treat the visitors well. Attend well upon-, Pay great attention to-, the visitors. Ginatátap níya sing maáyo ang tanán nga mga butáng sa sulúd sang íya baláy. She manages everything well-within her house,-in her own house,-at her home,-within doors. Walâ gid siá pagtátap sinâ. He does not mind that. He is very negligent or careless about it. Indì akó katátap (makatátap) sinâ, kay walâ akó sing tinión. I cannot attend to it, because I have no time. (see dumála, baláka, sagúd, sapák).