Meaning of túgian



To commit to, entrust to, confide to the care of, leave in another's hands, commit to-a person's charge,-the hands of, deliver in trust, assign, consign to, deposit with, commend to; to counsel, advise, recommend. Itúgian mo sa íya inâ. Tugianán mo siá sinâ. Confide that to his care. Entrust him with that. Sang buút na siá magsakáy pa Manílà gintúgian níya ang íya bátà sa kay Pédro nga útud níya. When he was about to embark for Manila he left his child in the hands of Peter, his brother. Náno ang íya ginatúgian? What does he recommend? What is his advice? Tinugianán ko siá sa pagtúnghol sa ímo sang amó nga sulát. I entrusted him with that letter, confident that he would deliver it into your hands, (see panúgyan, bílin, tógon).