Meaning of tungá



(B) To rise from a meal, leave the table, finish a repast, finish taking a bath or partaking of food, etc. Bág-o pa lang (lámang) kamí makatungá (makaúndang). We have only just risen from the table. (see úndang).



Half, moiety; middle, midst, centre; to halve, bisect, cut or divide into two equal parts. Tungâ sa táknà. Half an hour. Sa tungâ sang--. In the midst (middle, centre) of--. Halfway (Midway) between--. Sa tungâ sang madámù níya nga buluhatón--. In the midst of his many duties or tasks to be performed--. Túng-a (Tungaá) iní. Divide this into two equal parts. Halve it. (see pihák, píhak).