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(B) Width, breadth, to widen, broaden, to make wide or wider. Sádto ánay makitíd ang dálan, karón nagáblang na. Formerly the road was narrow, now it has widened. Gináblang níla ang plása. They widened the public square. Ginpaáblang níla ang plása. They have had the public square widened. Sogóa ang pánday nga ablangón níya ang lamísa. Order the carpenter to make the table wider. Naablangán akó siníng takúd. This shutter (door, etc.) is too broad for me, or appears to me to be very broad or too broad. (see lápad).



Width, wideness, breadth, broadness, spaciousness; to be or become spacious, wide, large, extensive, broad. Nagálwag na iníng sála, kay ginísol níla ang díngding. This reception room has become large, for they have set back the partition-wall. (see áblang, lápad, álway, hanáhay, áwhag).



Width, breadth, wideness, broadness, extensiveness, largeness, spaciousness, ampleness, amplitude; to be or become wide, broad, large, spacious, extensive, ample, roomy. (see lápad, sángkad, álwag, aliwána, aliwánay, hanáhay, áblang).

(B) Width, breadth. (see áblang).



(B) Wide, broad, vast, extensive, ample, of great breadth or extent. (áblang).



Width, breadth, wideness, broadness; to broaden, widen, become wide. Nagsángkad na ang plása, kay ginhálin níla ang isá ka kátay nga baláy sa katúngdan náyon. The public square has been widened, for they have removed a row of houses on its western side. Sangkará (-adá) ang dálan. Make the road wider. Nasangkarán akó siníng báyò. This jacket is too wide for me. (see lápad, áblang).