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(B) A rent, tear, hole, especially in women's dresses. (see biháng).



A large rent, tear, hole, aperture, in garments; torn, rent or open in such a way as to expose the skin. (see gisî, búklang).

bíhang, biháng


To discover, to open-, tear-, rend-, clothing so as to expose the skin. Amligí ang pamúngkò mo, kay básì mabihangán ikáw. Be careful in sitting down, lest you expose yourself. Figuratively: Katákatáhon mo sing maáyo ang mga kalán-on kag ilímnon nga natigána sa mga bisíta, kay básì makulángan kag bihangán kitá. Portion out well the food and drinks prepared for the visitors, for otherwise we may run short and be put to shame. (see búklang, gísì, búhang).