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To force an entrance, break in, smash in, break open, a door, etc. See bíngkal id.



To break in a door, etc., to force an entrance. Bingkalá ang ganháan. Break in the door. Bingkalí silá sing isá ka puérta. Force open one door for them. Ibíngkal akó ánay siníng puérta, kay nawád-an akó sang lyábi. Kindly burst open this door for me as I have lost the key. (see búngkal).



(H) To rise-, stand up-, suddenly, unceremoniously. Anó ang ginabungkálas mo? Why are you rising so suddenly? Nagbungkálas siá (binungkálas siá) sang pagkakítà níya sang mán-og. He rose quickly on seeing the snake. Indì mo pagbungkalásan kag pagbayáan ang mga bisíta. Don't rise so unceremoniously and leave your visitors alone. (see bángon, búngkras).