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Alluvial sediment, soft mire, slime, mud deposited by flowing water. Binagonbonán sang subâ ang binangon. The river buried the bolo under mud-or-covered the bolo with sand. (see búnbun).



Detritus, soft sand or mud near or under water, slime, mire. (see bagónbon, lápok).



Detritus, fine sand and earth, slime, deposit, sediment, mud carried along by running water, especially during a flood, and deposited somewhere else; chaff, empty ears of rice, etc. Also verb. Nalay-onán ang ámon áwang, kay naágyan sang bahâ. Our well was filled up with mud, because the flood passed over it. Linay-onán sang subâ ang ámon dútà. The river covered our land with a deposit of mud. (see búnbun, bagónbon, laó, lalaó, lúnang).