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Vicious, naughty, petulant, peevish, pettish, fretful, bad, of evil customs or habits. Bisyóhan nga bátà. A naughty boy, a wilful child, a bad girl. (see maláin).



Naughty, vicious, unruly, difficult to manage. (see bisyóhan id.).



(Sp. vicio) Vice, bad manners, evil conduct, naughtiness; to be vicious, naughty, bad, wicked; to refuse, be disobedient, be out of order (of machines etc.). Walâ siá sing mga bísyo. He has no vices. Indì ka magbísyo kon sogóon. Don't be disobedient when you are ordered to do something. Nagabísyo siá kon kaisá. Now and then he is naughty, stubborn. Ginbisyohán níya ang pagkáon. He was naughty at mealtime. He disturbed the meal by his bad manners, by quarrelling or the like. (see bísio id.).