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dagnás, dágnas


To scour, rub, scrub. Dagnasí ang salóg. Scrub the floor. Idagnás akó siníng salúg. Kindly scrub this floor for me. Dinagnasán na níla sing maáyo ang salúg sang balatonán. They have scrubbed well the floor of the reception room. (see lampáso).



(Sp. lampazo) A mop, swab, cloth; to mop, wipe, rub with a wet cloth, swab. Lampasóhi ang salúg. Mop the floor. Wipe the floor with a wet cloth. Ilampáso iníng lapát sa lamésa. Use this rag to wipe the table with. Nalampasóhan na ang tanán nga mga hulút. All the rooms have been swabbed. (see dágnas).



To clean, purify, cleanse; be, make or become clean. Tinloá ang pínggan. Clean the plate. Tinloí akó sing báso. Clean a glass for me. Itínlo akó siníng báyò. Kindly clean this jacket for me. Nagtínlò na ang salúg, kay nasilhigán kag nadagnasán. The floor is now clean, because it has been swept and scrubbed. (see pútlì).