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To walk with bent shoulders as old people, walk about with a stoop, to duck, stoop down, lower the head. Nagadúroy siá nga daw úmbok. He walks about like a quail. Dúroy ka, kay masíot ang dálan. Stoop low, for the road is overgrown. Duróya ang paglakát mo, kay nagabúyok ang mga sangâ sang káhoy. Bend down as you walk, for the branches of the tree are hanging down low. (see dúkoy, kuúb, dukô).



To walk with a stoop, slouch, bend the body forwards and downwards, to be bent. Nagadúkoy na si Fuláno, kay tigúlang na. N.N. is quite bent as he walks, for he is old. (see dúroy, kuúb).



To stoop, bend down. (see kuúb, sungúk, súngroy, sikóktot, dúkoy, dúroy, súngkok).