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(H) A caterpillar, worm; particularly a caterpillar that is very injurious to some plants like dágmay, kadiós, etc. Atatálo sang sóklà-silkworm.



(Sp. balance) Balance; equilibrium, symmetry, equipoise; to balance, poise; to shift, change, transfer from place to place, arrange methodically, so as to have symmetry or equilibrium, to keep in equipoise. Ginabalánse na liwán ang mga Párì sang diósesis sa Háro. The priests of the diocese of Jaro are again being shifted or transferred from one place to another. Indì mo pagbalansehón ang mga galamitón sa sála. Do not shift the furniture in the drawing-room. Ginbalánse níla ang mga balalígyà. They shifted their wares or removed them from their customary places and put them up somewhere else in the shop. (see tímbang, timbángtímbang).

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