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To droop-, drop-, the head or hands in a lazy manner, to be-idle,-indolent,-dispirited, languish. (see dungángok, panimókò, pakuribúng, pamuágpuág, paligóy, pabánol, patáwhay, búog).



To stand by, be present, look on, be an idle spectator, loaf, loiter. Anó ang ginadungángok mo dirí? Why are you loitering here? What is the reason of-your presence-,-being-,-standing about here? What are you doing here? Palayô ka, índì ka magdungángok dirí. Go away, don't loiter here. Gindungangókan sang mga bátà ang pagíhaw námon sang báboy. The boys looked on when we killed the pig. (see támbong, taroróng, dungángo).