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To rot, spoil, etc. See gúnghaw id.



Insipidness, vapidity, rottenness; to taste and smell bad, decay, go bad, rot, get stale, to be on the turn, vapid or insipid, be tainted, contaminated, spoilt, (particularly of fish). Naggúnghaw ang pinákas nga gumáa. The salt "gumáa" has become stale. Amligán mo ang pagbódo, kay kon dílì magagúnhaw ang ísdà. Be careful in salting fish, for otherwise it will spoil or go bad. Indì mo pagpagunghawón ang bantaláan. Don't allow the bantaláan-fish to lose its flavour. (see gúnhaw id.; hurô, lúb-ok).