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Period, while, season, spell (of time). Kagáb-i nagkatulúg akó sing tátlo ka húgnat. Last night I had three short snatches of sleep. Nagtrabáho silá kaína sang ága sing duhá ka húgnat. They were at work this morning for two short spells.



Period, season, time; to time, regulate as to time. (see pahúgnà, húgnat).



Dim. and Freq. of húgnat. To do at intervals, on and off, by fits and starts, by spells, do something in alternate periods as working and resting, walking and riding, sleeping and waking, etc. Nagahugnáthúgnat silá sang íla pagarádo. They are doing their ploughing by fits and starts. Ginahugnáthúgnat lang níla ang íla paglakát. They took frequent rests during their walk. Hugnáthugnáta lang ang ímo trabáho, kon índì ka makaántus magpangabúdlay sing lángkoy. Work a bit and then rest awhile if you cannot stand working at a stretch.