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Leavings, sediment, dregs, lees, admixtures; offspring, progeny. Ang alabú-ab sang túbig. The sediment of water. Ang alabú-ab or inalabú-ab sang táo. The progeny or offspring of a man. Also used as a verb. Nagalabú-ab ang túbig. The water has formed a sediment. Ginaalabu-ában akó sang túbig sa sulúd siníng áwang. The water in this cistern contains too much sediment for me or it appears to me that the water in this cistern is mixed with sediment. (see lábud-dregs of wine, tubâ, vinegar, etc.; lágtok-sediment in a tube, tobacco-pipe, etc.; halabú-ab id.).

(H) Sediment; offspring, etc. See alabú-ab id.