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Rice porridge, gruel, ground maize, etc. used to desalt pickled meat or fish. (see hamúl, hámlan, halámlan).



(H) Salt fish, pickled meat or the like to be mixed with "halamúl", which see. Anything that is to be, or should be, desalted before it is eaten. (see hamúl, halamúl).



To desalt, diminish-, counteract-, lessen-, moderate-, the salty taste of pickled meat or fish by adding gruel, porridge or the like; any substance used for the purpose of desalting, as ground corn, gruel, rice-porridge, etc. Hamulí (Hámli) ang inasinán nga kárne sing maís. Add some corn to the salt meat to make it palatable. Kon índì mo ánay paghamulán (paghámlan) iníng binóro, daw sa índì ka makaít-it. Unless you first mix something mild with this salt fish, you will scarcely be able to stand its sharp taste. Anó ang ihamúl mo sa ginamús? What will you add to the pickled fish (to counteract its briny taste)? (see halamúl, halámlan).