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To cover or line the bottom of a kettle or pan with leaves or the like to prevent the food from sticking. Ihaníg sa kólon iníng dáhon sang ságing. Line the kettle with this banana-leaf. Ihaníg akó ánay sang kólon, kay matígang akó. Kindly line the rice-pot with leaves, for I am going to boil rice. Hanigí ang ánglit sing lukáy. Put some coconut leaves into the small cooking-pot. (see baníg).



(H) A covering or inside lining in the bottom of a kettle or pot to prevent food from burning or sticking. (see haníg, haránig).



A circular arrangement around a common axis as the steps of a winding staircase; arranged in such fashion; to arrange in a circle around a common centre. Alíbalíba ang paghaníg sang kólon. Arrange the leaves in a circle, when you line the bottom of the rice-kettle. Alíbalíbi sing mga dáhon sang burí ang tabungós, kon maggákut ka sang humáy nga bilinhíon. Close the tabungós-basket with burí-leaves arranged in a circle, when you tie up the rice to be preserved as seed-grain.