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To find out about other people's affairs, to fish-, worm-, ferret-, out secrets and reveal them, to disclose, lay open, divulge. Katkatá ang sekréto ni Fuláno. Try to fish out N.N.'s secret. Kinátkat níya siá. He wormed out his secret. Sagád gid siá magkátkat sang mga tinágò sang ibán. He is an adept at worming out the secrets of others (and revealing or telling them to others).



Cheating, cunning, treason, insidiousness, meanness; to be mean, to cheat, betray, act insidiously, to worm-, fish-, pump-, ferret-, out secrets or elicit an admission, etc. and betray the confiding victim. Indì mo siá paglubhaón. Don't cheat-, trick-, betray-, him. Ginlúbhà níya siá. She (He) jilted him (her). Ginbuhátan níya siá sing madámù nga mga lúbhà. He often-played him false,-was mean to him,-cheated him,-betrayed his confidence. (see dáyà, límbong, búdhì, luíb, kátkat).