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Earpick; to use an earpick, pick out the earwax. Kawhihí siá. Scoop out his earwax. Nagapangáwhi siá. He is taking out earwax with an earpick. (see gómi).



To clean one's eyes, take out or remove-dust,-a grain of sand,-a mote, etc. from the eye, from a wound or the like by means of a soft, bent material suitable for the operation. Igáhid mo iníng pungángo sang dáhon sang kásla sa ímo matá, agúd makúhà ang púling. Use this leaf-stalk of the casla-plant to clean your eye with, so that the mote may be taken away. Gahíra (-ída) ang ákon matá nga napunô (nabútà) sing yáb-ok. Remove the dust from my eye, for it is full of it. (see kolíkog, káwhi, kúhit).



Freq. of káwhi. To pick one's ears, use a piece of smooth bamboo, etc. to clean one's ears of wax.