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Disgust, aversion, loathing, antipathy. (see sáw-a).



Impropriety, indecency, unbecoming conduct, unsuitability. (see sáw-a).



To be or become disgusting, loathsome, cause a dislike, aversion or antipathy, be improper or unbecoming, especially applied to things exposed that should be covered or hidden from view. Nasaw-ahán akó sa íya. I have taken a dislike (an antipathy) to him. Magapasáw-a (mapasáw-a) sa táo ang pagílis mo sa nabúksan nga bintánà. It will be improper (It will look bad), if you change your clothes with open windows. Ginasaw-ahán siá sa pakigsímpon sa amó nga katipúnan, kay básì nabalahúbà na ang maláut níya nga binúhat. He was ashamed (He did not like) to join that party, for (as he thought) his wicked deed may have become known already. Nagkasáw-a (nasáw-a) siá sinâ. He dislikes that. He considers it improper or unbecoming. (see láw-ay, kasáw-a, masáw-a).