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(H) Pleasure, enjoyment, delight, satisfaction. (wíli; see kalawilihán, kawilihán).



(H) See kalawilián, kawilihán id.



Attractiveness, charm, winsomeness, pleasantness, delightfulness, agreeableness, quality of an object that is pleasing or attractive; liking, attraction, delight; to like, be pleased with. Nagakawíli siá sinâ (Ginakawíli níya inâ). He likes it. He is pleased with it. (see wíli, kawilíhan, makawiwíli).

See kawíli. Also: Things to be liked, attraction, attractiveness. Ngáa man nga nagwíli ka dídto nga walâ man sing kawilíhan? Why did you like it there where there is no attraction? (see kalawilián, kalawilihán, kawilihánan).



Attraction, objects that give pleasure or enjoyment. (see kawilíhan, wíli, kawíli).



Entertainment, amusement, distraction; to entertain, amuse, distract; to like, be pleased or delighted with, have a liking or predilection for, take delight in. Ginawíli níya silá sang sugilánon, sang musiká, etc. He entertains them with conversation, with a concert (music), etc. Ginakawilíhan ko gid ang pagtán-aw sang prosesyón. I very much like to see the procession. Ngáa nga nagakawíli ka dídto? Why have you such a liking for that place there? Why do you like to be there? Wilíha ang mga dumulúaw sang kánta. Amuse (distract, entertain) the visitors with some songs (singing). (see lúyag, bangá, lingáw).