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Dim. and Freq. of labád. Indì ka maglabádlábad sa ámon atubángan. Don't pass to and fro in front of us. (see labáylábay).



Changeable, capricious; erratic, fickle, variable, ever changing the-, or introducing a new-, subject. Labáylabáy ang íya sugilánon. His conversation is erratic, ever changing and changing about.



(B) To pass (go) to and fro, to flit or rush by (repeatedly). Andot nagasári ikáw kang sáday haw? (Ngáa nagaságad ka sang labáylábay)? Why are you passing here so often? What is the reason of your-walking to and fro,-pacing up and down? (see ladáy-láday).

Dim. and Freq. of labáy. Also: to pass to and fro, shake from side to side, brandish, flourish, wave. Nagalabáylábay siá sang íya bastón. He is waving his stick (as a signal). Ginlabáylabáyan níya kamí sing binángon. He brandished (shook, flourished) a bolo at us (as a threat). Ang bátà nagalabáylábay sa ámon luyó, kay buút nga hatágan sang ámon kalanónon. The boy is circling around us, because he would like to be given some of our eatables. (see balábad, barumbáda).