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To get angry, exasperated, provoked, riled, indignant, cross, wax hot with anger. Nagamúgut na ang ginháwa ni Fuláno. N.N. is waxing hot, is getting angry or exasperated. Nagamúgut siá sa ákon. Ginamugútan (Ginamúgtan) níya akó. He is angry with me. (see ugút, ákig, sáklaw).



Great anger, rage, frenzy, fury, wrath, towering passion; to rave, be angry, furious, wild. Nagamátamát na siá sang págut. He gradually-waxed very hot,-became furious. Nagapágut siá. He is furious. He is in a tearing rage. Ginpagútan níya akó. He was furiously angry with me. Indì ka magpágut. Don't get wild or angry. Don't bluster. (see múgut, síngkal, ákig).