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Amenable to spells. See bululáwon.



To throw or cast an evil spell over, to make sick by an evil spell, said by the superstitious to exist in various secret places and mountain recesses. Kon magkádto ka sa mariít nga lugar hípus ka lang, kay, kon dílì, bulawón ka kon mabululáwon (bululáwon) ka. If you go to a haunted place, keep quiet, lest a spell of sickness be cast upon you, if you are liable to be influenced by spells. Binuláw siá, konó, kay nagsínggit sa tálon. He became sick through a spell, they say, because he shouted in the jungle.



(H) Liable to fall under a spell of sickness, amenable to spells. (see buláw, mabululáwon).