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(Sp. libre) Free, untrammeled, unscathed, unhurt; to get free, escape unscathed, etc. Nakalíbre siá. He got off scot-free. He escaped punishment. Librehá ang binilánggò. Liberate the prisoner. Set the prisoner free. Librehón mo siá sa íya mga kalisúd. Extricate him from his difficulties. Nalíbre na siá. He was set at liberty or at large. (see luás, bagít, talíbwas, búhì, hílway, makinaugalingón).

Attached to one's own, hence: nationalistic, independent. (see kaugalíngon, makiugalíngon, makiangáyon--democratic; makihariánon--imperialistic).

See makinaugalíngon, makinaugalingón-nationalistic, independent, etc.