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Desirous of equality, democratic. (see ángay).



Troop, drove, division, sect, party; to form a division or party, etc. Ang mga pumulúyò siníng bánwa nagabúnghay sing tátlo ka partído. The inhabitants of this town form three parties. Ang búnghay nga makihariánon kag makiangáyon. The royalist and the democratic party.

Attached to one's own, hence: nationalistic, independent. (see kaugalíngon, makiugalíngon, makiangáyon--democratic; makihariánon--imperialistic).



To go over to, change place, pass over or shift to another site, opinion, condition of life, etc. Nagsáylo siá sa pihák. He went over to the other side. Sáylo (magsáylo) ka sa síya nga sa likód mo. Change over to the chair behind you. Saylohá ang kodál sa pihák. Shift the fence to the other side. Nagsáylo siá sa mga makiangáyon. He went over to the democratic party. (see háylo, báylo).