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A scuffle, tussle, broil, fray, shindy, confused fight or tumult; to scuffle, tussle, fight tumultuously or confusedly. Nagadamokoláy silá. They are having a free fight. Tambagí ang mga bátà nga nagadamokoláy. Separate the boys that are quarrelling, scuffling, mixing in a fight. (see pakigáway, nga, malapúyot).



Thick, condensed, clotted, coagulated, inspissated, semi-liquid; to thicken, condense, inspissate. Naglapúyot na ang sabáw. The sauce has thickened. Dugángi ang almidón túbtub nga maglapúyot. Add more starch till it becomes thick. Gátas nga malapúyot. Condensed milk. Nalapuyótan akó siníng tsokoláte. This cocoa is too thick for me. Palapuyóti akó sing sópas, sabáw, etc. Make some thick soup, sauce, etc. for me. Ginapalapúyot níla ang lasáw sa káwà. They are inspissating the sugar-cane juice in the cauldron. Nagalapúyot na ang íla pagilináway. Their fighting is getting thick i.e. they are now fighting in real earnest, tooth and nail. They are getting to grips. (see lángiaw-thin, watery).