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To weigh down, cap, top, put on top; any weight put on top of something else. Pilpilá ang tabákò sang isá ka bató nga dakû. Put a large stone on top of the tobacco-leaves. Pilpilí iníng mga papél, agúd índì mapálid sang hánging. Place some weight on these papers, so that they may not be blown (carried) away by the wind.

pií, píi


To cover or wrap up well, compress and pack tightly, make compact; to be or make as airproof as possible. Piihón mo ang tabákò sing maáyo, agúd índì makasungáw. Wrap the tobacco up well, that it may not be spoilt through contact with the air. Pilpilí sing bató ang tabákò, agúd magpií (magpíi). Weigh the tobacco down with a stone, that it may pack closely (be compact). (see píot, hugút, pílpil).