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Dim. and Freq. of labí. Also: A foetus or embryo miscarried during the early stages of development. (see palabílábi-to be haughty, stuck up, etc.).



Vain, ostentatious, frivolous, carrying oneself proudly, pretentious, showing affectation, worldly-minded. (see dayáw, bugalón, matinaastaáson, palabilabíhon).



Pride, haughtiness, overbearing, insolence; to be proud, haughty, insolent, lofty, arrogant, to take on airs, give oneself airs, be high and mighty, behave oneself in a haughty manner, be supercilious. Indì ka magpalabílábi. Don't be proud. Don't think too much of yourself. Nagpalabílábi siá sa ákon. Ginpalabílabíhan níya akó. He was supercilious to me. He was patronizing me,-condescending to me. He treated me as an inferior. Ang íya pagpadayáw kag pagpalabílábi nakadáldal sa íya sa olíhi sa madámù nga kalakasán nga makahuhúyà. Her vanity and pride led her finally to many shameful excesses. (see labí).