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Freq. of tám-is-to be sweet, etc. Sweetmeat, confection. Also: to be pleased with, take pleasure in, gloat over, be delighted with, take delight in. (see hinám-is).



To take pleasure in, delight in, gloat over; drink something sweet. Mahinám-is kitá sing isá ka báso nga tubâ. Let us drink a glass of sweet toddy. Ginahinam-isán ko ang nahanabô. I am delighted at the way things have turned out. (see tám-is, panám-is).



Sweetness, delightfulness, deliciousness; to sweeten, to be, become or make sweet, delightful, sugary, honeyed. Nagtám-is na iníng búnga. This fruit has become sweet. Natam-isán akó sang íya nga hámbal. I found his talk very pleasant. He talked to me very pleasantly. Tam-isá (Patam-isá) ang mamón. Make the cake sweet. Sweeten the cake. Ginpatám-is níya ang ámon pangabúdlay sang manámit (masádya, makawiwíli) nga sugilánon. He sweetened our labour by pleasant talk. Malisúd ang pangabúhì nga waláy katam-isán. Life without joy is difficult to bear. Ginapakatám-is níya iní. He considers this delicious, delightful, glorious. He enjoys it, he gloats over it. (see hinám-is, panám-is, rímis).