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Freq. of sakár (Sp. sacar) To seek to get, try to obtain, covet, desire. Nagapanakár gid siá nga manganák sang bátà ni Fuláno. He wishes to have the honour of being godfather to N.N.'s child. Nakapanakár siá sa íya mga ginikánan nga mamiésta dídto. He obtained (got) leave from his parents to attend the feast there. (see ahâ).



To insist on, importune, ask for, beg to be allowed to do something. (see ahâ, sakár, panakár).



To ask, solicit, try to obtain, make efforts to get, desire, covet. Nagasakár akó kay Fuláno nga agsahón ko ang íya dútà. I am asking N.N. to accept me as his tenant. I am anxious to obtain the lease of N.N.'s field. (see panakár).